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Industrial Measuring Microscope (BIMM-2000)
Product Description:

BIMM-2000 microscope, a measuring microscope can be used for both measurement and observation, inspecting a variety of objects including semiconductor, electronic and electrical components, automobile precision components, resin moldings, tools, and medical products. For example, this type of microscope can be used to measure an object that is too soft for contact measurement probe to contact. A balance between optical performance, overall accuracy and ease of use is an important requirement for a measuring microscope.

Product Parameters:

ˇóInfinitive Optical System, Tube Lens Focal Length 200mm
ˇóCompensation Free trinocular Tube, Inclined at 30°, Interpupillary Distance 55-75mm, erect image
ˇóWF10/22 High Point and Wide Field Eyepiece WF10/22
ˇóQuintuple Nosepiece, Objective Screw M26x0.706
ˇóXY stage travel range,100x200mm, XY stage top size 250x300mm, Effective glass size 150x250mm, Measuring accuracy(at 20ºC), XY-aixs(2.5+0.02L)μm, L=Measure length(mm), Resolution(switchable)0.001mm
ˇóZ-axis travel range 180mm, Focusing fine Division 0.002mm, Indication accuracy(at 20ºC),
X-aixs(5+0.04L)μm, L=Measure length(mm), Resolution(switchable)0.001mm
ˇó12V50W Halogen Lamp Reflected Illumination
ˇó3W high-brightness LED transmission Illumination
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