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Industrial Measuring Microscope (BIMM-3000)
Product Description:

Measurement microscope is widely used for crystal, integrated circuit(IC) examination and exact measurement. BIMM-3000 Industrial Measuring Microscope is supplied with Cold light fiber reflected  illuminator, imaging and viewing system, polarized imaging system.

Product Parameters:

Optical Imaging System:

Infinitive Optical systam, Tube Lens Focal Length 200mm
Compensation Free Trinocular Tube, Inclined at 30°, Interpupillary Distance 55-75mm
High Point and Wide Field Eyepiece WF10/22
Long Working Distance, Plan Apo Objectives 2X/0.055, 5X/0.14, 10X/0.28, 20X/0.29, 50X/0.42
Quintuple Nosepiece

Focus Adjustment System:  Coaxial Coarse&Fine Focus Adjustment System, Fine Division 0.002mm

Stage: 6″x8″Double Layers Mechanical Stage, Move Range 153x204mm.

3D Measurement System:

Resolution: 1μm
Measurement  Accuracy: ±(2+L/200)μm
Repeatedly Orientation Accuracy: 2μm

Illumination  System: 150W Cold Light&Optical Fiber Reflected Illuminator

Measuring Software:

Complete Geometric Measurement(Point, Line, Circle, Arc, etc.)
Enactment, Adjustment of Reference  Frame
Diversity of Display: Conversion of Language, Measurement and Angle



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