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Wireless WIFI Microscope (BHM-S06)

200X Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Microscope Works on Apple O/S & Andriod O/S
Wireless Digital Microscope (Wi-Fi) can transfer the images taking by microscope to Tablet PC, 3G Phones based on IOS & Android through WIFI, super portable and very convenient to use.
Wi-Fi Wireless Connection, Super Portable;
- 20X-200Xmagnification, 0.3 Mega pixels;
- Real-time display, take images. 30 meters or more working distance.
- 8 LED light, brightness adjustable
- Work with iPhone, iPad, Andriod mobile phone, Andriod tablet PC

Sensor: 0.3 Mega pixels
Main Control Chip: Special main control 16Bit DSP
Magnification: 20X ~ 200X
Take images/Videos: Build-in
Supplementary Light Source: 8 white LED lights
Still image resolution: 640*480, highest resolution is 1600*1200 (can be customized)
Focus Distance: manual adjustment 0~40mm
Mode of Transfer: WIFI
Working Distance: 5~30 m
Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium battery
Battery Working Time: 3~5 hours
Product Size: 36.8*140mm
CD: Camera driver & user manual contained
Working Systems: Apple iOS & Android iOS
Video Frames: 30f/s under 600 LUX Brightness
Illumination Range: 0 ~ 30000LUX adjustable
Color: Matte Black (Other color can be customized)
200X Wi-Fi wireless microscope work on Apple O/S & Andriod O/S

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