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Polarization Microscope(BPOM-3010T)
Product Details:

Intermediate Tube
Positioned between microscope stand and the eyepiece tube, the intermediate tube has a slider-type analyzer with large rotation control dial for easy adjustment and accurate reading through rotations of 180 degrees. The built-in focusable and centerable Bertrand lens allows conoscopic observation. The intermediate tube is also provided with a compensator slot.
Reversed Centering QuadrupleNosepiece
The centerable quadruple nosepiece is provided with the means to centre four objectives. The configured models come with UCIS Achromatic strain free objectives 4x, 10x, 40x, 60x and 50X(for reflected light).
UCIS Achromatic strain free objectives 4x, 10x, 40x, and 60x are designated and manufactured to the same specifications as proprietary infinity optics (UCIS) system. The objectives provide images that are crisp and clear with high contrast and minimal flare.
Precision Rotating Stage
The 360 degree pre-centered and rotatable stage is an integral part of the microscope body providing for greater stability and enhanced accuracy. The stage diameter is 142mm.
The polarizer mounted under the condenser holder rotates 360 degrees with click stops every 45 degrees.
The achromatic, strain free condenser (N.A. 1.25) with the swing-out top lens provides even illumination down to 4X, and a high aperture illumination for conoscopy.
The transmitted illumination utilizes a 6-volt 20-watt quartz halogen Koehler illuminator for economical and trouble-free illumination.
The reflected illumination utilizes a 12-volt 50-watt quartz halogen illuminator using a special lamp house and power supply unit. 
A selection of different types of compensators is offered for determination of the character of birefringence and for measuring phase differences. The following compensators are available for use in the intermediate tube slot:
Full-wave plate λ = 530nm, First-Order Red (Tint plate).
Quarter-wave plate λ/ 4 = 137nm.
Wedge compensator 1-4 λ.
Anti-fungal Treatment
Anti-fungal chemical agents sealed inside objectives, eyepieces and observation tubes, slowly convert from a solid state to agaseous state and produce an antifungal vapor that is harmless to the microscope and that helps protect optical components intropical or other fungus-prone environments.
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