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Integrated Operation Microscope (BOMM-6/C)
Product Details:

The BOMM-6/C is the only model in the family of BOM operation microscope which has a double assistant binocular system. It have perfect optics system and the biggest depth of field. It can be used in Neurosurgery, ophthalmology surgery, dentistry.


Double assistant's binocular, new changing diaphragm give you perfect depth of field

Eyepieces: magnification 12.5x, pupil distance adjustable range 55mm~75mm, diopter adjustment range +6D ~ -6D. Focus of second object lens 180mm.

Binocular tube: 30°~90°variable angle binocular tube, add new pupil distance adjustment

Magnification: 6:1 zoom, motorized, magnification 4.5x~27.3x; field of view Φ45~Φ7.5mm

Coaxial assistant's binocular tube: manual 3-step changer, total magnification 6.4x,10.8x,17.3x; field of view Φ31mm, Φ19mm, Φ12mm

Coaxial illumination: illumination diameter of light spot Φ50mm, illumination intensity 100000lux

Objectives: f 200mm (175mm,250mm,300mm,350mm,400mm etc )

Focusing: motorized, range +/-25mm, speed 33s/whole distance

X-Y translator: move in X-Y direction motorised, range +/-30mm

Maximum length of arm:1200mm

Stand: swing angle of the carrier arm 0 ~300°,height from objective to floor 800mm

Foot switch: waterproof, 8 function steps

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