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USB Inspection Endoscope (BIE-790I)

Product Features:

1.Allows for easy surveying of small,hard-to-reach places
2.World's smallest USB Camera 7mm water-proof camera (640x480 pixels len)with 80CM (2.4 ft) flexible tube
3.Water-proof len and flexible tube
4.USB cable 2M powered and operated with personal computer
5.XP or lower windows need not install the CD driver, and easy installation the driver before use at window 7
6.Easy take pictures through pushing the photo button and saving the file in the computer
7.Adjustable brightness on the lens-mounted LED lights
8.Light weight,handheld design,flexible and convenient to use

User could buy as an additional part or make replacement for damaged parts
Optional Useful accessories:Hook,Mirror,Magnet twisted on the len for more surverying function

Product Applications:

Extend Your Hands and Eyes. Appropriate for use in surveying pipes,hard-to-reach areas,equipments,furnishing installation,car repairing,etc.

Product Parameters:

Interface : USB1.1 and 2.0
Operating system: Windows 2000 and higher windows / Vista is owned by the Micerosoft Corportation
Picture: 24 Bit RGB color (1/12" VGA CMOS)
Resolution: 640×480 Pixel
Frame Rate:30fps (pictures/sec)
Camera illumination: 4 LED lights
Total length: 1000mm
Tube Length: 840mm
Camera head diameter: 7 mm
Flexible tube diameter: 6.4 mm
Waterproof level: IP67
USB Cable length: 2000mm
View angle: 60°
Forces: 3cm-8cm

Accessories Included:
USB Inspection Camera with flexible tube x 1
User Manual x 1
CD Driver x 1
Package: Gift Box

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