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2 Way Rotational Endoscope (BIE-9018)
Product Description:

BIE-9018 model Can revolve probe 180° to R or L direction, then revolve F to fix adjusted angle
Articulation Endoscope Specification with rotatable probe is innovative product of LCD borescope. Besides many advanced functions of its original one such as quick snap, quick video recording, image zoom in /out,storage a new function of front probe two-direction bending is added(you can revolve probe 180° to R or L direction, then revolve F to fix adjusted angle )The probe itself also allows a 120°revolving across its two directions. The design allows the user to adjust the observation angle amid the observed object making operation more easy and more convenient. The product has great practical value and applicable prospect in many fields such as automobile cylinder detecting and casting process detecting.

Product Features:

1.Allows for easy surveying of narrow,hard-to-reach places
2.Two way rotational tube with 5.5mm water-proof camera (640x480 pixels len)with 1 meter(3 ft) flexible and removeable extended tube
3.Manufactured and tested to water-proof level IP67
4.Increase visibility with 6X digital zoom capacity
5.High quality 3.5"TFT-LCD monitor powered with built-in rechargeable Li-batteries
6.Video,pictures real-time recording capability,supports up to 16GB SD Card
7.Adjustable brightness on lens-mounted LED lights
8.Three useful optional accessories included:hook,mirror and magnet twisted on the len
9.Simple menu with eight different languages(optional)
10.Light weight,handheld design,flexible and convenient to use

User could buy as an additional part or make replacement for damaged parts
1.Flexible rotational tube with 1M,2M,3M length for easy use
2.Professional Carry Case Package
3.Flexible tube,Main unit,AV Cable,USB Cable,Hook,Mirror,Magnet,SD Card

Product Applications:

Engines Inspection
Boiler Inspection
Aviation Maintenance
Power Plants
Wind Turbines
Water Treatment Plants
Equipment Maintenance
Building Inspection

Product Functions:

Snapshot, Video recording, Picture&Video review on LCD screen, TV Out, Transfer of picture&Video from SD card to PC
It has built-in 4pcs of white LED lights (with Brightness Control) on camera head to illuminate the inspection area. The 1 m Flexible tube is Waterproof with 5.5mm diameter , so that you can inspect area under water, gaps and holes. Optional Extension Cable (2m/ 3 m / 5m) allows you to extend the vision of inspection point.

Product Parameters:

Lens Dia.: 5.5 mm
Removable Tube Dia.: 5.5mm
Tube Length: 1000mm
Total Length: 1295mm
Lens Pixel: 640*480
Extension tube length: 1M, 2M, 3M optional
Display: 3.5" TFT LCD Screen Powered by DC5V
Interface: Mini USB 1.1/AV out
Photo & image: zoom in /zoom out (max. 6 times)
Compression Format: MPEG4
Still Image Storage Format:JPEG(640*480)
Video Recording Format: ASF(320*480)
Video Out Format:NTSC & PAL
Recording capacity :16 GB with TF card
Illumination: 4 pcs of adjustable white LED lights
Battery(not user serviceable): Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery (3.7V)
Power adapter: 100-200 V AC in/5.5 V DC out
Working & Storage/Battery charging temperature range: -20°C to 60°C/0-40°C
8 languages optional: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean,Italian, Spanish, German, French
Accessories: A/V cable,USB cable, AC Adapter,
Packing: Tool box

Accessories Included:

1 x AC/DC Adapter
1 x SD Card
1 x A/V Cable
1 x USB Cable
1 x Instruction Manual
Standard Tool Box Package
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