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Operation Microscope
Astronomical Telescope
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Biological Microscope(BBM-51)
Product Specifications:

Specifications Items
BBM-31 BBM-51 BBM-200X
Vision Head Monocular Vertical Tube  
Monocular 45º Tube    
Eyepiece Huygens: H10X  
Huygens: H12.5X    
Objective Achromatic 10X    
Achromatic 7X 15X 40Xs    
Achromatic 16X    
Focusing Coarse Adjustment
Stage Stage With Two Clips  
Stage With Disc Diaphragm    
Light Source Concave Reflector Mirror    
Light and Reflector Mirror  
Optional Accessories Illumination: 110V/20W, 220V/20W
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